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Surviving or Thriving?

Are you living your life feeling like you are barely surviving or are you living a thriving life through a relationship with Jesus Christ?

We have to allow God to work in us just as much as we want Him to work through us in helping others. We cannot pour from an empty cup. A lack of spiritual guidance through God’s Word will often leave us feeling like we are barely surviving this crazy thing called life.

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Blog, Home, Life, Family, Encouragement

Victimhood Culture & Mentality

Society is creating and pushing for a victimhood culture and mentality.

This is a recipe for DISASTER!

A victimhood culture creates a society where people identify as oppressed. It removes consequences for one’s actions and responsibility for one’s own feelings. It allows others to define what you mean and makes lots of space for blame-shifting, excuse making, and self-pity.

Victimhood Culture is selfish and devoid of the love of Christ.

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