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The Power and Fruit of Our Words

Listen to today’s podcast on FaithAnchored Speaks. Where I talk about the power and fruit of our words and how what we think and speak are connected.

This episode covers the reading of Matthew 12:33-37 and talks about the power and fruit of the words we speak.

I also read Chapter 3 from my debut book Change Your Focus Change Your Future: Positive and Negative Mindsets which talks about the connection between what we think and what we speak.

..For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (vs.34)


Blog, Devotionals, Home, Life, Family, Encouragement

Love is NOT Love

Listen to my podcast on FaithAnchored Speaks about Love is NOT Love. Discover the difference between worldly love and God’s love.

Click the Photo to listen.

Blog, Home, Life, Family, Encouragement

FaithAnchored Speaks- A podcast for inspiring, praying, and sharing

FaithAnchored Ministries is excited to announce our debut of FaithAnchored Speaks Podcast. In today’s world, that is set at a fast pace, it was brought to my attention that some people may not be able to read the blog posts daily. However, if there was a podcast or recording of some kind it could easily be listened to while doing other activities. This is what sparked FaithAnchored Speaks.

Some of the podcast episodes will be reiteration of already published articles and/or subjects with added commentary, prayer, and/or thought provoking questions.

My goal is to eventually make the podcast a live event that will allow friends, family, and followers to comment and interact with me as I address each subject.

FaithAnchored Speaks is available on multiple platforms; including but not limited to; Spotify, Anchor.Fm, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public. You can find the links by clicking on FaithAnchored Speaks Podcast in the menu bar of this page.

I am beyond excited to be expanding and trying new ways to reach people all over the world. I would love if you all left feedback and would post any questions, subjects, or concerns on this matter.

God Bless