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The Forbidden Name

For centuries there has been one name that is looked upon as offensive and controversial above all else. One name that valedictorians are not allowed to mention in their graduation speech’s.

One name not allowed in school papers or to be mentioned in the workplace. One name that is no longer allowed to be said in schools, public places, or be printed on t-shirts.

One name that so many claim brings so much discrimination, oppression, and hatred. One name that is getting closer and closer to being considered illegal contraband to even mention.

What name is this?

Hitler, Stalin, or Osama bin Laden? No, these are all infamous people notoriously known for horrible atrocities of evil; including the murder of many people, but these names are not considered as offensive or controversial and people can freely talk about them as they wish.

There is only one name that this world has pushed for centuries to be forbidden.

That name is Jesus.

“Why is that?” you may be thinking.

If I had to sum it all up into one sentence, it is because there is power in the name of Jesus.

Jesus was born so that he could die on the cross for our sins and give us eternal life through salvation.

However, some people refuse to accept this as truth, or they have put their eternity, time, and hope into the wrong “jesus”.

Some people will claim to be a Christian and believe in Jesus, agree that He was a fleshly man who walked the Earth during the first century, they will agree that He ‘may’ have done miracles back then, but then say they do not believe He died on the cross and rose again or that He is coming back.

The problem with that is if the person truly believes those things, then the Jesus they are claiming to believe in and follow is NOT the Jesus of the Bible and therefore cannot save them.

Dr. Voddie Baucham used this example:

Let’s pretend you are shopping and have forgot where you parked. You know you drive a four-door white sedan, so that is what you are searching for. You see a four-door white sedan just an aisle over but if that is not the correct white four-door sedan your key is not going to work. It is not your car.

This is where many people are at when it comes to who they believe Jesus is. Yes, they agree on certain things, but denying that Jesus is who He says He is in the Bible does not change who He is; it only means you have the wrong ‘jesus’ and your ‘key’ is not going to work.

There is only one Jesus who can save you and He makes himself known to each of us through His Word, the Bible.

Attacking the name of Jesus is nothing new. Peter and John were told to stop using the name of Jesus when they were before the Sanhedrin, and we are still being told that today.

You can have your religions, you can have your meetings, you can heal and help people, but you CANNOT use the name of Jesus.

You see they will allow all the things that come with the power in the name of Jesus, but they do not want the name of Jesus to be used.

Well, bad news without the name of Jesus– there is no power.

It is Jesus Christ alone who can save the lost, broken, hurt, and sinful people that we are. It is Jesus Christ alone who can perform miracles, heal the sick, help the hurting, and love without end. Without Jesus, we are nothing.

Discrimination, oppression, and hatred do all exist and Jesus has plenty to say about all of it. These things are products of the absence of Christ and presence of unrepented sin.

Sin itself is the oppressor. Guilt, shame, bitterness, hatred, and more all come from the enemy, Satan.

In Jesus, there is no condemnation for those who repent of their sins and accept the blood of Jesus as the atonement for their sin. Once forgiven, God no longer holds these things against you, in fact the Bible says He puts them as far from us as the east is to the west. (Psalm 103:12)

I am going to leave you with two final thoughts.

If Jesus is not who He says He is and if there is no power in the name of Jesus; then why have people tried so hard to forbid his name pre-Christian culture and post-Christian culture?

What can we do as Bible believing Christian’s to help others hear how sweet, loving, and powerful the name of Jesus is?

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Daily Bible Verse – December 7, 2021

Psalm 150:6 Let All Things Praise the Lord

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

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Daily Bible Verse – December 6, 2021

Psalm 150:3-5 Let All Things Praise the Lord

Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals;
Praise Him with clashing cymbals!

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Daily Bible Verse – December 5, 2021

Psalm 150:2 Let All Things Praise the Lord

Praise Him for His mighty acts;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!

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Daily Bible Verse – December 4, 2021

Psalm 150:1 Let All Things Praise the Lord

150 Praise the Lord!

Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!

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Perception Deception

There is a God, but He doesn’t think about us or care about us.

There is a God, but He is not in control and powerful like some say.

There is a God, but I don’t really need Him in my life, I am doing just fine.

God is just a crutch for weak people.

There is no God.

-Various People

All of those things mentioned above are words I have heard myself as a way of describing who God is or is not. The levels of deception behind each of those statements is astonishing. The worst part of it all is that those making these statements, have no idea how deceived they have become.

Perception is both everything and nothing.

How you view the world, others, particular incidents, and God are all dependent upon your perception of a given situation. This is where the saying, ‘there are three sides to every story’ came from; my story, your story, and the truth. This is because we all have different vantage points in which we perceive daily interactions.

It is important to note that just because ‘that is the way you see/perceive it’ does not mean that is the way others and especially God sees it. The Bible tells us His thoughts are higher than ours, and His way are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Believing that your own experiences, knowledge, and ways are the ONLY possible answer, view, or belief is not only prideful and lacks empathy, but also shows a clear lack of willingness to get to the actual facts or a beneficial solution.

This is perception deception.

Believing we are ultimately in control, that we know best, or that ‘our truth’ is the only possibility of truth are a few characteristics of those who are living in perception deception.

Now, don’t be discouraged we are all guilty of this at one time or another. In fact, I would venture to say that this is a large struggle area for many.

Let us take a look at a more trivial example.

When watching your favorite football team play their Sunday night game, you see a player pull off an amazing play and score a touchdown. You are excited, jump up off the couch, “YES!” you scream.

Only to be followed by, there is a flag on the play; one referee is saying that the player stepped out of bounds, the other is saying the touchdown is good.

This is usually when you see the players start arguing their point of view and your household suddenly becomes expert referee’s doing the same.

From one perspective it looks as if the touchdown is good, from another it seems clear that the player was slightly out of bounds when running the ball.

The good news is that in football, contrary to real life, we have a video that we can review, slow down, and view different angles. The game is stopped and the play is reviewed to be sure the correct call was made.

Could you imagine how many wrong calls would be made if there was no video to review or only one camera angle?

This example is a lot like our life; only we do not get a video to review on our decision’s, actions, or interactions after they have happened. We often go through life taking every interaction in and processing it through our own perception’s and than act or react to it accordingly.

The problem with this is that you are processing it through YOUR perspective which is only one sided, at best. You are failing to take in to account the other person’s perspective; as well as the third perspective, the truth (God’s Perspective).

So in one sense our perception is everything because it is like our inner measuring tool on how we interact daily. However, in the same way our perception is nothing because ultimately the Bible tells us that God is in control and His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

That means all the perceptions we have that are built in deception from terrible life experiences, circumstances out of our control, actions/words of others, to past hurt and trauma do NOT have to be the basis of our perspective, define who we are or who God is, or how we have to view the world and others in it.

“Your potential is the sum of all possibilities that God has for your life. And the truth is, you’ve absolutely no way to comprehend all of the possibilities that an all-wise, all-knowing, infinite God sees. You cannot know with your finite mind and your limited perspective all that He knows. ” -Passion and Purpose Bible Study

What I am getting at here is ask yourself these questions about the way you perceive the world today.

Could it be coming from a place of deception?
Could it be misguided or mislead?
Could your worldview be skewed by a number of tragedies that you experienced?
Is it possible your living life with a damaging perspective of yourself, the world, and others?
Could it come from a place of hurt and trauma, instead of the unfailing or unchanging Word of God?

I encourage you today to truly be open and honest with yourself. Truly reflect on the way you perceive your life, relationships, and everyday interactions. Ask God to guide you, show you the areas in which you need set free through His truth, and pray for clarity and understanding as you seek Him through the Word of God, the Bible.

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Daily Bible Verse – December 3, 2021

Psalm 149:3-4 Praise to God for His Salvation and Judgment

Let them praise His name with the dance;
Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp.
For the Lord takes pleasure in His people;
He will beautify the humble with salvation.

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Daily Bible Verse – December 2, 2021

Psalm 148:13 Praise to the Lord from Creation

13 Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For His name alone is exalted;
His glory is above the earth and heaven.

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Daily Bible Verse – December 1, 2021

Psalm 148:4-6 Praise to the Lord from Creation

Praise Him, you heavens of heavens,
And you waters above the heavens!

Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For He commanded and they were created.
He also established them forever and ever;
He made a decree which shall not pass away.

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Daily Bible Verse – November 30, 2021

Psalm 147:10-11 Praise to God for His Word and Providence

10 He does not delight in the strength of the horse;
He takes no pleasure in the legs of a man.
11 The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him,
In those who hope in His mercy.