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We Believe What We Want

Majority of the people in the world believe what they want. Those that do not believe there is God and have little to no evidential reasonings for why. They simply do not want there to be a God or they do not want God to be who He says He is. They have no desire… Continue reading We Believe What We Want

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From Trials to Triumph, From Bound by Sin to Set Free!

Bam! Bam! Bam! My head bounced off the wall behind me. Anger and rage, as if something dark had completely consumed his body. Blank, black, nothingness in the eyes of my father, as I looked back in anger and disbelief. How could he? Why would he? I did everything he wanted me to—where did I… Continue reading From Trials to Triumph, From Bound by Sin to Set Free!

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Breaking Chains and Healing Trauma

We all experience events in life that are less than ideal. However, some events that people experience the pain and hurt goes much deeper than just the surface. Likely, we have all known someone that has been through a horrible loss or survived a difficult situation. When an event is so terrible that the pain… Continue reading Breaking Chains and Healing Trauma

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Discovering Absolute Truth

One who is sincere in searching for the truth will ask questions either directly or indirectly. Questions that help lead them to the truth, such as: What is truth? Where can I find it? How do I know when I find it?- and so on. On the other hand there are those who lack the… Continue reading Discovering Absolute Truth