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Where is God in this world full of evil?

A popular misconception in the world today is that God can’t be real. Many think God can’t be real because of all the hatred and evil happening in the world around us. This is just untrue, in fact if you truly research God, read the Bible, and seek to know and understand the truth about Him and His character the evidence is overwhelmingly present that God is very real and alive today.

It dates all the way back to Genesis, when God created all of the universe–the heavens, the Earth, stars, animals, mankind– everything! God created Adam and Eve and put them in the garden of Eden, to care for the land and it was all good. He gave them permission to eat of any tree in the garden EXCEPT the tree of knowledge (good and evil). He told them if they did they would die. God gave us a gift of FREE WILL and CHOICE and also told them the consequences for disobeying.

Adam and Eve had the choice to follow the rules God put before them or follow their own rules. They choose to follow their own rules. Read the full story of Adam and Eve in Genesis chapters 2 and 3.

Every creation has the same free will of choice in the fallen world we live in– we can choose to live by Gods commandments and will for our life or we can live selfishly for ourselves. God’s commandments are not there to control us or “take away the fun” in life; they are there to guide us to live the most joyful and fulfilling life possible.

Imagine for a moment God removed every evil in the world, each time a person went to sin or step outside His will, He stopped them. Made it physically impossible to do anything against His wishes. We would all be slaves and there would be no real “choices” in life.

God is a God of love and gives us the gift of free will to choose. He wants us to CHOOSE to love Him and CHOOSE to follow Him. After all He knows what is best because He created it all, including us.

Since God gives us the freedom of choice, not everyone chooses to follow the right path and seek to please God. Which is where all the evil in the world today is coming from– selfish choices.

I find it very evident that when you really look at what has changed, from even just the time our grandparents or great-grandparents were growing up, you can see that the further the world gets from God and our founding principles the uglier the world is getting.

We live in a world today that God is mocked and not taken seriously. Where children are being encouraged to stand against God, instead of looking up to Him, especially in times of trouble. Where evil is emphasized and God is minimized. Where parents are opening the doors to confusion and misguidance by allowing the world to define their children and their morals instead of God, the one who created them. We live in a society that has bended, twisted, and obscured what the TRUTH really is and pumps everyone full of lies, deception, and filth through media outlets, internet, and well let’s be honest— its EVERYWHERE we turn.

With so much evil in the world today and so many misguided teachings it’s an easy misconception to fall into, that God can’t be real because He certainly wouldn’t allow all the evil. God is not pleased by all the evil in the world and the choices people have been making and continue to make, but its NEVER too late to change the choices we are making.

God is real and alive today, He wants to help each and every one of us to live our best life. We do not have to live a life in bondage, God can free us through His word and help us to completely renew our minds– we simply have to ask Him.

God gives us the free will of choice…. What will you choose today?