Welcome to FaithAnchored Homestead

What is FaithAnchored Homestead all about?

Created to grow and provide our own supplies for our outreach programs. Our homestead contributes to the FaithAnchored NWI Meal Relief Program, sells our products to raise funds for FaithAnchored Ministries, hosts free meal and produce pick-up’s to those in need, and strive to teach others about the good news of Jesus Christ. We also hope to teach others how to become self-sufficient and work together to help end hunger and poverty in our local communities.

What type of items can be purchased from FaithAnchored Homestead?

We strive to offer only high quality products from our homestead including but not limited to:

  • Homemade Breads
  • Canned garden vegetables
  • Fresh produce
  • Spices/Herbs
  • Starter plants/trees/etc.
  • Holiday Desserts (Pies, cookies, fudge, etc.)
  • Floral arrangements
  • Home Decor & More

What is all on FaithAnchored’s Homestead?

  • Indoor & Outdoor Vegetable Garden
  • Herb Garden
  • Flower garden
  • Art/Design Studio
  • NWI Meal Relief
  • & MORE

How did FaithAnchored Homestead become an idea for a new branch of ministry?

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown (2020) the store shelves quickly became empty and going into public was simply not safe for the elderly and immunocompromised.

People in communities all across the world were losing their jobs and found themselves unable to pay their bills or feed their families. With little relief or help offered- especially in the early stages of the pandemic- it was heartbreaking.

This is where Faith Anchored: NWI Meal Relief Program idea came from. I was reading all over social media about families struggling and elderly community members unable to get the essential need items. It broke my heart.

Although my husband and I were not in a great position ourselves due to income loss and other health issues unrelated to the coronavirus. God was telling me to feed our local families, help our senior citizens and reach as many people as I could. So, I sprung into action.

I created a post on social media and offered a simple hot meal and blessing bag with essential need items to anyone within my community who was elderly, disabled, immunocompromised, or in simply in need- no strings attached.

I did this 3-4 times per week and each week the demand grew. I was quickly in a position where I couldn’t provide all the necessary items needed to continue the program.

There were many local community members who donated items needed and/or monetary contribution to help keep the program going, but eventually the demand outgrew the supply.

Stores simply did not have the produce/meat/baking items/etc. needed to provide the meals and blessing bags of essential items. This is when I paused the program and re-evaluated the approach.

This is when the FaithAnchored Homestead idea came about. I needed a way to provide quality food/produce to those in need without having to depend on stores to have essential items in regards to food.

That is when God spoke to me again and told me to start a garden and look into homesteading to provide my own items and become self sufficient and dependent on Him.

I chuckled at first, since I have never been able to keep a house plant alive. No really- my house is where you send your plants to die. I literally tried everything- I even killed my grandma’s Aloe Vera plant.

It was huge! She had it for many years before she passed.

I had it for maybe two months and it was dead!

Just like ALL of her other plants that I was given after she passed away.

Don’t ask me how- I have no idea.

However, I heard clearly what God told me to do- so I listened. As you see in the above pictures- I didn’t have much confidence in myself. I planted a rather small garden thinking it wouldn’t amount to anything.

But God-Let me tell you- what God is behind prevails.

I quickly realized that the garden I had planted was nowhere near what I needed to sustain the ideals and plans God had given me. I used this as a learning experience of what to do and not to do when planting a garden and creating a self-sufficient homestead.

I have been doing lots and lots of research and planning to be sure that the FaithAnchored Homestead could begin to develop in a more permanent and productive way. God opened a door for us to relocate to a rural area allowing for plenty of room for grow.

I have now started indoor gardening as well, as winter is quickly approaching- and to my surprise they are living and growing! God is good!

I am excited to see where God is leading the ministry and my family over the next few years.

My hopes is that we will be able to provide help to our community members, outreach programs and events, and most importantly of all share the love of Christ with others.