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Bible Study Proverbs Chapters 2 & 3

AUGUST 31, 2021 CHAPTERS 2 & 3

It is one thing to trust God with our eternal destiny, it is very different to trust God to handle all of our life challenges, difficulties, and day to day life.

The scripture we will cover tonight discusses trusting in God with all of our hearts and acknowledging Him in ALL of our ways leads to a life where we surrender all and He directs and straightens our paths.

God will guide us and help us to handle the difficulties we face in life. We only need to trust in Him with all we have, even in times where we find ourselves wondering, “Where are you God?”

God is always near and carries us through life’s struggles when we truly trust in Him with all our heart and seek Him first above all else.

I hope that tonight at 7 CST you will join Nate Ward and I for a Bible Study/Discussion on Proverbs 2 & 3.

Click the link below to join us at 7:00 PM CST.

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Help me send Bibles to children in Pakistan

Good Morning Everyone!!

I am asking all my friends/family/followers to prayerfully consider donating to my fundraiser to raise the funds ($245) to purchase 35 Sunday School Bibles for children in Pakistan.

There is an immediate need for 35 Bibles in their language and the Bible’s are $7 each– I would LOVE to fulfill this need by the end of the week!

I am working directly with someone who will ensure that the Bibles are received and the children will be able to have access to them.

Where these children are located it is hard for them to obtain these types of resources themselves.

If we all work together, we could easily raise the funds needed (and maybe even more) to help these children get the Word of God in their hands!

Once the Bibles are received in Pakistan pictures will be posted of the children with the Bibles.

*Note: the fundraiser is not active for long, as I am hoping to fill the need for the children ASAP

I know we can do it!

Let’s help our brothers and sisters in Christ get the gospel into the hands of children in Pakistan.

If you can’t donate but would still like to help me meet this need– please pray for the cause, the children, and the leaders in Pakistan and consider sharing this post to reach others.

You can donate by clicking the link below

God Bless and thank you in advance ❤

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Masking Abuse in America

Many of the agenda’s being pushed in today’s society are abusive to our children and to adults in some cases. The masking of abuse in America was ramped up recently with all the fear mongering happening around the masks and vaccines and has found it’s way in to so many areas that it is creeping into our children’s classrooms and minds!

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All In or Checkbox Religion

Today’s episode is based from the reading of Malachi 1:6-14 and Genesis 4:1-15. God is our Heavenly Father and we should be honoring Him by giving only our best in all we do, especially our sacrifices to Him.

Our offering (not necessarily monetary) is a reflection of our attitude toward God.

Giving our bare minimum and offering God anything but our very best shows we care more about ourselves and our fleshly desires than we do about our relationship with God.

Are you living a life all in for Christ or are you living life giving Him the bare minimum and simply checking boxes off of some “how to be religious” list.

Listen to today’s episode to discover what God’s Word says about our offerings and how it speaks about our attitude towards God.

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America’s Authority Crisis

America is facing an authority crisis. Our nation as a whole is looking to self and to “love” as the most important things, however this thought process leads to destruction, hurt, and emptiness.

Listen to this episode on America’s Authority Crisis.

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America’s Identity Crisis

America is facing an Identity Crisis like never before. Our government, media, and others are encouraging people, especially our children, to find their identity in things like their sexuality, race, political views, and so on. Seeking our identity in things of this world will only lead to death and destruction.

Listen to today’s podcast to discover where to find our true identity.

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Where in the world are the bold, God-fearing Christians?

Check out the new podcast video with special guest Nate Ward, where we are discussing boldness in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Originally aired live on Facebook on 7/31/21. We hope you find this message encouraging and it stirs something inside of you to want to be bold for Christ.

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When did parenting become oppressive? Part 2

Part 2 of when did parenting become oppressive focuses on the cognitive and faith development stages of children. Understanding the way a child develops through each stage helps us to understand why it is so dangerous and unhealthy for children to be making adult decisions.

Culture today is pumping our children full of societal lies and encouraging them to act on every feeling and desire they have. All while failing to explain consequences of their choices and why it is that they are not capable of making educated, healthy, adult decisions.

Furthermore, culture is also encouraging children to rebel against their parents and take a stand for ideologies they do not and can not fully understand, due to their minds not being fully developed. Encouraging our children to fight against their parents, while labeling us intolerable, hateful, and so on.

When did parenting become oppressive?

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When did parenting become oppressive?

In the culture today, our society is encouraging our children to stand up for things they do not fully understand. Encouraging and allowing our children to make adult decisions that will have negative consequences in the future is NOT loving. Society wants us to embrace our young children’s immature beliefs and behaviors, and if we don’t they label us oppressive, toxic, a bigot, a racist, and so on.   

When did parenting your child become oppressive?  

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Surviving or Thriving?

Are you living your life feeling like you are barely surviving or are you living a thriving life through a relationship with Jesus Christ?

We have to allow God to work in us just as much as we want Him to work through us in helping others. We cannot pour from an empty cup. A lack of spiritual guidance through God’s Word will often leave us feeling like we are barely surviving this crazy thing called life.

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