Back to School Assistance Program

What is required to receive help?

Like/Follow our Facebook page FaithAnchoredMinistries
and group NWI Relief

This will help you stay up to date on future programs and updated information for Faith Anchored Ministries

Message us on Facebook: (EVENT CLOSED)

  • Your Name
  • Household Size
  • Child or Children’s Name and Grade(s)
  • Photo of school supply list (if possible)
  • Please note if you have a special needs child(ren) that need additional or specific supplies
  • Pick-up or Delivery
  • If delivery is chosen you must reside within 20 miles of Chesterton, Indiana and provide address for delivery

How does this program work?

The program has been designed to be as simple, effective, safe, and helpful as possible.

We offer Pick-Up or Delivery (within 20 miles of Chesterton, Indiana).

The process looks like this:

  • Like/Follow our page and group
  • Message us via Facebook with the above information (EVENT CLOSED)
  • You will receive a message back confirming you have been added to the list
  • If further information is needed, we will contact you via messenger
  • There will be designated pick-up and delivery days- you will receive a message to confirm your scheduled date
  • We ask that you only reserve delivery if you have transportation issues, to ensure everyone is able to receive the help needed.

Disclaimer: We do our very best to provide all the needs for those requested, however this program is ran off of donations alone and we can not guarantee you will receive all help requested.

How can you help?

Pay it Forward

Prayerfully consider donating to the ministry to continue reaching those in our community via outreach programs.

Pray for us and the program

Monetary donations can be made Here

100% of the donations received goes back in to the community

Contact me via Facebook to setup a pick-up or drop-off