Welcome to Faith Anchored, a Christian blog for Inspiring each other, Praying for each other, and sharing experiences and testimonies.  My name is Stephanie, I am a mother, wife, and most importantly a child of the one true King, Jesus Christ. I am an overcomer, a survivor, a fighter, a prayer warrior and love the Lord Jesus with all my heart.

This blog is something that God has put on my heart for years. As you will see I started posting years ago, however it has been very infrequent. Recently, God has shown me that now is the time to focus, study, and go ALL in.

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My prayer is that the articles, stories, testimonies, bible studies, tools and more on this blog reaches the lost and hurting. Helping bring people to know the truth, who God really is, in a world full of mixed signals. My hope is that people from all around the world will come together and share their stories and testimonies. Using the articles and resources within the blogs contents to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. I pray it becomes a community of believers lifting each other up and encouraging one another to be the best YOU. I pray God will give each person reading wisdom, discernment, and open hearts to receive the message He is trying to give. I pray for blessings, good health, happiness, and His strength over each person reading today. The Bible says come to Me all who are weary and burden and I will give you rest. God give each person reading a desire to seek You as the Bible says,  seek first His kingdom and all things will be added to you.  Lord, lift up each person and use this blog to glorify You and Your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray.


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