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World Premier-The Coming Attraction- Ready or Not Here He Comes

Friends, Family and Followers; I have a special treat for you all today! A good friend of mine, Pastor Nate Ward periodically shares live videos on Facebook that he calls a ‘Morning Cup of Honest Tea’.

Nate has been doing these videos for over a year as God lays things on his heart to share.

This particular video subject was something I had been preparing to write an article on and create a podcast for, however he said it all so well I asked him if I could share his video with all of you instead of creating my own.

Anytime the next new ‘big’ thing comes along there is what we call a world premier for whatever it is that is being announced.

A big hype is created for the new product, movie, television show, book, or upcoming athlete/artist. However, like all new things, the excitement fades and the ‘new, big thing’ becomes insignificant, old news and is replaced by something new.

Nate shares a world premier of the coming attraction that will NEVER fade, NEVER be insignificant, and NEVER be rendered as old news.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below!

Pastor Nate Ward- Morning Cup of Honest Tea

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