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Daily Devo- Communication with God

Our Creator, God, discloses His thoughts, who He is, and what His will is through His word-the Bible. The Bible is a living, historical text; that was spoke directly by God or inspired by God. All scripture is God breathed.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV

The Bible essentially is the ultimate love letter from God. Often times, the context of the love letter is ignored or goes unnoticed because of our many needs that we petition Him for.

Our prayers are our responses or conversation starters with God. Our prayer life is often full of requests, needs, or thanks for blessings but unwittingly without reflection on scripture we have read.

It’s important for us to be actively seeking and reading the Bible. God speaks to us through His word. (1 Samuel 3:21) This opens the door for two-way communication with God, enabling you to have a conversation with Him about day-to-day happenings and deeper topics that He exposes to you in His word.

God gives us clarity and understanding through His Holy Spirit as we read and study the Bible. He helps to speak to us in a way in which we understand and can apply it to our life.

It’s important to understand that the Bible is the same today, as it was yesterday, and the days it was inspired and written. God uses different circumstances in our life to help us to understand but the meaning and lesson behind the scripture is the same.

Praying is our communication with God. We can come to Him and talk with Him just as we would anyone else. He is our Savior, our friend, our comforter, and our supporter. There is no special way we must pray. The importance lies in coming to Him with a humble and open heart, seeking Him above all else, and bringing every care, need, sin, or praise to Him.


Heavenly Father,

Lord thank You for being a good Father– always by our side and always ready to listen and help. God I pray that each person would cultivate an open two way communication with You. Lord, help us to turn to You in prayer in all we do and all we go through. Lord, thank You for always being near and listening to our every need. Help us to see and understand that Your word is the ultimate love letter and is full of promises that we can count on. Lord help us to have discernment and understanding when we are reading and studying Your word in Jesus mighty name I pray.


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