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Daily Devo- Stop Fighting God

Attitudes some are positive- some are negative- but all of them have consequences. People who do not have a close relationship, or any relationship for that matter, with God tend to fight against His will while chasing their own.

God is in control- nothing anyone says or does can change that. This world is His creation and we are His children. God will attempt to correct us- He will petition us to leave the darkness behind- and He will reach into the depths of our despair to rescue us.

However, God will NOT take control of our free will of choice and He will NOT force Himself into anyone’s life. God’s plans and ways are always higher than ours and His plans always prevail. Trying to be steps ahead of God- or trying to ‘outrun’ Him so that you do not have to be obedient to Him- will NEVER work.

In Exodus 9:12 the scripture talks about how God hardened the Pharaohs heart- God did NOT take control of the Pharaoh’s will and force his decisions. The pharaoh was still responsible for his own choices and actions.

As God appealed to Pharaoh to release the Israelites- it seemed as if he was becoming even more determined to keep them in bondage. This led to a conflict between the Pharaoh’s will and God’s will.

Eventually God won- and Pharaoh’s will was broken.

Spoiler Alert!!

God ALWAYS wins!

Fighting against God’s will and instruction is a recipe for failure. Having an ‘I don’t need God’ or ‘I can do it myself’ attitude is a losing proposition. Fighting God’s will only leads to exhaustion, depletion of your energy/finances/etc., and will certainly mess up your life and lead to self-destruction- further complicating your situation.

It is time to have an attitude for God– NOT against Him.

Is there any area in your life that you are refusing to fully trust God in?

Maybe, you are aware that your attitude towards God is not a positive one-perhaps, today God is telling you it is time to adjust your outlook and more importantly your attitude.

Remember, NO ONE is too far for God to reach and change from the inside out. Hand it over to Him and allow God to do the rest!


Heavenly Father,

Lord thank you for always having our best interests at heart. Thank you for being understanding and patient as we learn what Your word says about our attitudes and trusting in you. I pray that You would touch each person that reads this. Help them to analyze their own hearts and see if You are telling them it is time for an attitude adjustment. God forgive us for often trying to do things in our own will and power and not relying on You to guide us. Forgive us for the days we have an attitude like Pharaoh- leading us to further complicate our life. God, I pray that You would draw near to each of us- expose our attitudes to ourselves- and help us to trust in You to change them. In Jesus mighty name I pray.


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