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Daily Devo- Waiting to see the harvest

Coming to Jesus and building a relationship with Him is a process. Faith and trust in God doesn’t just happen overnight- they are fundamentals we learn as we study God’s Word. Often times it takes multiple exposures or experience’s with Jesus for someone to make a decision to follow Him.

We need to be sensitive about where those we are witnessing to are in regards to their walk of faith. Everyone learns and processes information differently. We certainly do not want to push someone away from God by being overbearing and not respecting their individual journey with Him.

Just as a farmer sows seeds and has to wait to harvest the crop- as do we when it comes to sowing spiritual seeds into the lives of others.

The old saying goes ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’.

Same goes for leading the lost to Jesus.

We can give them the information, share our testimony, and pray fervently for them. We can not make them accept Jesus. We were all given the freedom of choice when God created us. He longs for us to accept Him, His love and Salvation but ultimately it is our choice.

As Christians we are responsible for sharing the good news of Jesus with the lost. It is NOT our responsibility to “save them”- ONLY Jesus can save them. Each person must choose Him for their own life.

God has already chosen us from the beginning- when we were created in our mothers womb. He is waiting for each of us to reach out to Him. NOTHING we do is too much for God to handle. He only wants us to run to Him not away from Him.

We are called to sow seeds of faith, truth, and the good news of Jesus to those we interact with through-out our life. Then pray for the “harvest” of those spiritual seeds and be patient while waiting for them to metaphorically grow into foundational roots of truth in their lives.

Bible Verses about Sowing Seeds


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this message on sowing seeds and being patient while we wait for the harvest in the lives of others. Lord I thank You for your continued guidance and discernment as I study Your Word. Lord I pray that each person who the message reaches would have You at the center of their life. Lord I pray that we would each be vessels for You to use- that we would all be willing to step out in faith and sow spiritual seeds into the lives of those around us. Lord I pray that You would give each of us the patience to allow the seeds to grow in others lives. Lord I pray You would lead and guide our every step. Give us the courage to step up and step out when You are calling us to do so. Lord Thank you for Your Word and many blessing. For being a promise keeper and never leaving our side. In Jesus might name I pray.


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