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Daily Devo- 5 things we can learn from Philip about Evangelism

We are all called to share the love of Christ with others- to stir up spiritual interest in non-believers. and lead them to a relationship with Jesus. How do we do this without coming off so overbearing or ‘pushy’? Let’s look at an example from the Bible.

The account of Philip sharing Christ with an Ethiopian eunuch is found in the Bible in Acts 8:26-39.

As you read the scripture- take note of ways that Philip listened and cultivated spiritual interest with the eunuch.

Philip asked the eunuch if he understood what he was reading in Isaiah 53:7-8. In which he responded, “How can I, unless someone guides me?”

Philip began to preach Jesus to him, starting with the scripture in Isaiah. Philip was helping the eunuch to understand the God of the Jews (Jesus).

There are multiple things we can learn from looking at these scriptures and understanding what is going on. The basic principle here is that when we share our faith or testimony it should be relational. We are to have spiritual interest in others without being overbearing.

In other words- Don’t preach AT them instead, talk WITH them and give advise and guidance that points to Jesus and glorifies Him.

5 more things we can learn from Philip in this scripture:

  1. Philip was obedient to God’s instruction
  2. Philip met the man where he was at
  3. Philip sensed the eagerness of the Ethiopian Church
  4. Philip pointed Him to scripture
  5. Philip took him as far as he was willing to go


Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord for Your guidance- for leading the way and being by my side for every step. Lord, I thank you for this message from You about evangelism. Lord, I confess that in the past I have not always given spiritual interest to those you have placed in my path. I sometimes get carried away with my emotions and I fall short on giving advice that glorifies and leads to you. Lord, forgive me. I pray You will give me guidance and discernment when interacting with others. Help me to know what to say and how to say it. I want to be one who can give sound advice or guidance that clearly points to You and glorifies Your kingdom. Thank you for being a forgiving and loving Father in Jesus mighty name I pray.


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