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Daily Devo- Let Jesus Explain Himself

The Lord’s response in Luke 24:25-27 “foolish ones” seems abrupt but in reality it is a lesson on education. Foolish ones literally means without knowledge. Just like when the two men were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus- we are often ‘handicapped’ by our limited knowledge and information.

‘Slow of heart to believe’ has a connotation of ‘retarded and slow’ in trusting God for what He had claimed and promised. Jesus than provided the remedy for spiritual ignorance- gain more knowledge and information. Jesus was a teacher and shifted their focus and attention to key passages in the Old Testament. These passages explained the Messiah must suffer before being glorified.

How does this apply today?

When we are struggling with great disappointment or hurt- we should realize we are likely lacking knowledge and information to make real sense of what is happening in God’s bigger picture. We should be teachable and in constant contact with our Teacher so that our knowledge, understanding, and faith will grow.

Luke 24:28-29

We should be learning how to keep the conversation going with God. There are circumstances through-out our life that will naturally nurture or prevent against the development of our spiritual lives.

The key here is to recognize when we are losing contact with God and allowing self efforts and unfavorable circumstances to waiver our actions. Recognize the lost connection and quickly reestablish the conversation and closeness with God.

Luke 24:30-32

In Luke 24 the men’s eyes were ‘held back’ from recognizing Jesus until the last supper. When Jesus broke the bread and blessed it their eyes were opened.

The word ‘opened’ is built on the same root word as ‘foolish’ and ‘ignorant’ and it means to penetrate the mind.

Once the two men’s eyes were opened, they recognized who He was, and they began to recognize Jesus in their past encounters.

Just like the saying goes we only understand what God is doing backwards. In other words- we can’t see what God is doing while He is doing it BUT once we get through it we will have the knowledge and understanding to recognize Him and His hand in the entire situation.

As the scripture goes on, Jesus’ supernatural disappearance didn’t inspire any recorded comments from the men. Instead, they reflected back on having been on the road with Him and how Jesus was walking with them during their time of ‘internal conflict’ from lack of understanding.

What can we learn from this passage?

Jesus isn’t just a Sunday visit- He is with us where ever we go. He leads us, guides us, and helps us through even when we do not see Him working. Recognizing Christ in scripture and in our life experiences should be a through-the-day process- happening daily- not an isolated event.

Take Jesus with you where ever you go.

Remember to pray and ask Jesus to open your eyes to see what He is doing- to give you knowledge and clarity- to teach you and help you grow in Him. Recognize that we only see a very small portion of the ‘bigger picture’ and ask Jesus to help you trust in His ways.


Heavenly Father,

Jesus, I put my trust in You alone- You are a good Father who loves me unconditionally. I confess that I lose contact with You and our closeness suffers. I am easily overtaken by my lack of understanding and become blinded and slow at heart to believe. Jesus, help me not be overcome by my limited understanding and relay on Your divine plan. Draw me near to You, Jesus- help me to have open eyes and an open heart so Your word will penetrate my mind and soul. Lead me to a deeper relationship with You- help me to see You in my everyday encounters- and carry Your word with me through out the day. In Jesus mighty name I pray.


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