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Daily Devo- See It Through

Just as listening to the right voice among chaos is very important- so is carrying out what God has told you to do. Mark 1:36-39 the last verse is not merely a review of the passage- it is the application. Jesus did what He said He was going to do- He preached at the synagogues.

Jesus’ target of ministry was to reach ‘all of Galilee’ with the good news. His target would later change as His disciples followed in His steps. The ministry then extended to the ‘ends of the Earth.’ (Acts 1:8)

Application process of our quiet time is equally as important as the rest of it. Meaningful fellowship with Christ comes when we listen to Him- follow His example- and apply His word to our life in the power of the Holy Spirit. (1 Peter 2:21)

Here is a helpful approach to prayer..

A-Adoration- worship God for who He is

C- Confession- acknowledge your sins

T– Thanksgiving- Thank God for His grace and blessings

S- Supplication- Asking God for what you need.

Following the above approach to prayer is a great way to be sure you do not forget what you want to pray, it also helps you keep your prayer life fresh and fruitful.


Heavenly Father,

Your love, mercy, and forgiveness always leaves me amazed. You are a great and just Father. Thank You God for never leaving me nor forsaking me, You keep me safe and protected under Your wings. Lord, forgive me for my sins. Lord, help me to remember to run to You in prayer first and to always seek Your divine direction. Lord, help me to control my words and feelings as I go about my day- I struggle with being effected by those around me. I am so thankful Your grace is new every morning. Thank you for Your many blessings, for protecting my family and leading us in the way we should go. Lord I ask that you help me to form a healthy and fruitful prayer life. I ask that You fill me up with Your Holy Spirit. Give me Your strength to withstand the schemes of Satan and to stand strong in my faith and not be affected by those around me. In Jesus mighty name I pray.


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