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Daily Devo- Listening to God’s Direction

In a world where so many different voices are fighting to be heard we need to be sure to be listening to the one that matters most. Too many times in life people set out on a journey they feel God has called them too and then they never reach their destination.

Often times this is because they have gotten lost somewhere along the way. The voices of nay-sayers, negativity, and criticism drowned out the voice of God that started them on the journey to begin with.

Mark 1:36-38 says Simon and those with him searched for- hunted down (another translation says)- Jesus while He was having His quiet time. When Simon Peter found Christ he expressed urgency when telling Him that “Everyone is looking for You.”

This shows Simon thought he knew how Christ should be spending His time. So much so that he searched for and than interrupted Christ during His quiet time with God.

However, Jesus did not concern Himself with what others thought or the immediate needs set before Him. He only received direction from His Father, God. This is because He knew He only had limited time and energy while walking the Earth as we do.

Some may think that Jesus’ quiet time would have made Him more sensitive to the immediate needs of people in front of Him, but to meet only the needs of those in front of Him would cause Him to ignore God’s concern for the lost.

God brought Jesus back to what His purpose was for sending Him to this world- to seek and save that which is lost. (Luke 19:10)

Jesus knew it didn’t matter what others were thinking or telling Him He should do- His only concern was to seek and complete what God sent Him to do.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Your message and for sending Your son to tell of the good news. Thank You Lord for being a patient and not giving up on me. Lord I confess that many times I have set out to complete a task that I feel You have lead me to and get burned out or overwhelmed by those in my life trying to distract me. Lord, help me to remember Your plans and ways are higher than mine and Your purpose will prevail. God, help me to not hear or be effected by what others say about my life or what I am doing, reminding me Your opinion and plans is all I need. I ask that You give me strength, discernment, and peace as I seek Your Will for my life in Jesus mighty name I pray..


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