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Daily Devo- Jesus’ priority of Prayer

Our sense of security begins to form when we are just children. We form our inner sense of security from connections made with family members and others through-out our life. As children we want to know that if we go to an adult family member they will be available and care for us when we need them.

In Romans 8:15 the apostle Paul tells us we are adoptive children of God. That we can cry out, “Abba, Father”. Abba is the term that Jewish children use to address their fathers- just as we use daddy, dad, papa, etc.

How do we access the prayer connection to our Heavenly Father?

We can access the prayer connection by studying God’s son, Jesus and His prayer life.

Jesus made prayer a priority in His life. He prayed early in the mornings even after being up all night healing the sick and demon possessed people. (Mark 1:35-39) According to the scripture, Jesus sought isolation to spend His time communicating to God through prayer.

Cleansing and removal is often a need felt by believers, due to sin. However, Jesus was the only one “who knew no sin”. (2 Corinthians 5:21) This brings up the question-

Why did Jesus need quiet time?

Not because He was sinful, but because Jesus limited His divine interventions and attributes while He was on Earth. This was to be the example for us to show the importance of being dependent on God.

Walking in faith is a journey, not a single step. This is why it’s called walking in faith and not jump into faith or leap into faith.

Repeatedly going to God for strength, guidance, mercy, and more is the whole idea of faith. Requiring you to be fully reliant on God.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for sending Your son, Jesus, to be a perfect example for us. Thank you for Your never ending grace and for Your guidance through-out Your word. Lord, forgive me for not always prioritizing my quiet time with You. Lord, I ask that You help me to prioritize prayer in my life. Remembering that faith is a journey requiring us to continually come to You to have our needs met. Lord, I pray You restore my sense of security, knowing I can rely on You for my every need. Lord, lead me in the days to come and speak to me during my quiet time, in Jesus mighty name I pray.


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