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Daily Devo- Spiritual Formation

Salvation is a new beginning for our life and should not be viewed as an event that has occurred. It’s a starting point for our reborn spirits and we are called to grow in our salvation– to deepen our relationship with Christ.

Just as babies are not meant to stay small and helpless– we are not meant to stay spiritually immature. As new believers, we are babies in God’s family and should be growing in our relationship with Him.

As a part of our fleshly desires we look forward to when we can start driving– go to college– get married– or grow up in general. We should also feel this excitement and look forward to growing in our spiritual life as well. Seeking His direction and will for our life as we study His word (the Bible).

The process of which we strive to become more like Jesus in our attitudes, characteristics, thinking, and actions is called spiritual formation.

It’s not enough to simply believe in Jesus– we are called to live, act, and think like Jesus. Spiritual formation should effect everything in our life– health- finances- family- relationships- occupation- social issues- and death.

Spiritual formation comes with being in a place where God- His love- His grace- and His forgiveness can work within us. It is important to consistently surrender ourselves, our time, and our wills to God. This is not done by trying harder but by having an appetite for the things of God.

How do you start growing and forming an appetite in Christ?

4 areas of Spiritual Communication

  • We speak to God through prayer (Philippians 4:6-7)
  • God speaks to us through His word-the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16)
  • We speak to other believers about Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25)
  • We speak to non-believers about Christ (Romans 1:16)


Heavenly Father,

Thank you God for the gift of spiritual rebirth and salvation. Lord I pray that You will help me to have an appetite for Your word and to grow in You spiritually. Lord, I want You to direct my path and lead my life in all areas. I want to grow in all four areas of spiritual communication and fulfill my calling. Lord help me to live, act, and think like Jesus putting all my trust in You. In Jesus mighty name I pray.


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