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Seeds for Spiritual Growth Volume 1 Book Launch!

Good afternoon everyone! It’s been an extremely busy week for me. Prepping for book launch, preparing motivational Monday’s, blog articles, and preparing/delivering meals for the COVID-19 Meal Relief program!

I originally thought I would prep and deliver a meal once or twice to those locally however it has grown quickly in just a week’s time. I am working hard to be sure the elderly/disabled/high risk/homeless have hot meals during this time of chaos. I am thankful and blessed God has abled me to help so many people.

In addition to the meals- I am also delivering blessing bags to help with food and essentials to those most vulnerable. I fully believe this is a time to stick together- to rise above- to come out stronger than ever before!

No weapon formed against this nation shall prosper. God is on our side and I declare His protection and safety over each individual. If we all stick together and lift one another up in this sensitive time I do believe we will find our nation in a much happier, humble, and loving state then before this pandemic began.

I have seen the best and the worst in people over the past few weeks. However I would like to share with you all some of the amazing things I have seen..

  • Many people coming together to find essential need items for one another
  • Meals being provided for families in need
  • People are doing all they can to donate and help ministries/companies who are giving back
  • People are using their own supplies to make medical supplies/masks/etc. for others
  • In a time where some cleared shelves and hoarded toilet paper, others were willingly splitting their packs of t.p. with others.

Seeds of Spiritual Growth is FREE on Amazon 03/30/2020 – 04/03/2020

I encourage you to get the kindle book while it’s free and leave a review let me know what you think of the studies!

A Bible Study series to grow your relationship with God.

Scripture packed and engaging to keep the reader involved. Deepen your understanding of life principles.

Included in this volume is:
Having a positive attitude, Learning to trust, While you wait, Hope restored, and You are Loved

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