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FaithAnchored Update for Coronavirus

Good morning friends, family, and followers with the current stay-at-home order in place, here in Indiana- FaithAnchored is working hard to help the NWI community in any way possible. Including providing hot meals to seniors/disabled/high-risk individuals/truckers and more!

Due to the time it takes for me to research and write blog posts, books, and Bible Studies- I want to give you all a heads up, that if the community needs continue to grow you may see some inconsistency on my postings. I am working very hard to be sure I can keep the posting schedule as normal as possible.

Thank you for understanding. Please pray for our nation as a whole, for the healing and stopping of the spread of the virus, pray for churches. ministries, and all the essential workers. Pray for safety, protection, and good health for all.

Stay safe! God Bless!

Would you like to donate to FaithAnchored to help our community with hot meals, essential items and more?

When you donate to you will also receive a downloadable PDF for Power of a Prayer Plan: Bible Study on Prayer and Strategic Plan for Fighting the Enemy. Just click the Set Price button below!

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