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New Year–New Decade–SAME Great Savior

As we celebrate the new year and enter a new decade– take the time to reflect back on all the amazing blessings God has showered you with. It’s easy to get lost and wrapped up in the world and all it’s materialistic things and skewed views on God and our purpose for being here–however one thing will ALWAYS ALWAYS remain the same and that is our Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that God is the same today, yesterday, and always.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

When times get tough– remember that it’s the world and your circumstances changing, not God, His plans, or His greatness. Seek His peace, understanding, and purpose at all times– knowing He will never fail you.

Plant your feet upon the rock, which is God’s word– the Bible– and you will not be shaken. The stronger your roots are in His word, the less your circumstances will determine your joy. Do not let the circumstances around you steal your joy of celebrating the day that God has given you.

I challenge you to make this a year of conscience choice– Choose peace over worry, choose love over hate, choose joy over anger, choose faith over fear, choose life over death!

Have a blessed and happy new year!

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