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Helpful Tips: Reading the Bible

* There are 66 books in the Bible

* The front of your Bible has a table of contents to locate each book of the bible by page number

* Bible verses are broke down into the format of:   Book Chapter:Verse for example
Genesis 1:1

* Most Bibles have a Index-Concordance in the back where you can look up scripture that is about a specific topic or do a word study.

* When you read the Bible and come across a word you may not fully understand, look it up in a Webster dictionary to get the literal meaning. Sometimes using our own understanding of a word can be misleading in the scripture.

1 thought on “Helpful Tips: Reading the Bible”

  1. Originally, Bibles didn’t have Chapter and Verse separations – they were one really, really long text. So even though it’s tempting to think of each chapter as a new and separate thought of the one before it; in reality it’s not. Each chapter flows into the next and is connected to the ones before it.
    This is most evident in passages with Chiastic structures; they’re written sort of like a sandwich. The most important thought will be in the middle; but thoughts that are before it and after it are reflected around that very important thought. These sorts of passages can stretch on for many chapters and can be easy to miss if you don’t know to look for them.

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